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Command and Conquer WW2 mod

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Wylie Wilde


Since: Mar 04, 2006
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(Msg. 1) Posted: Fri Mar 10, 2006 3:55 am
Post subject: Command and Conquer WW2 mod
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Is there a good WW2 mod for Command and Conquer Zero Hour.

CnC would make a good WW2 style mod- well maybe if they fixed the bugs in
the game first Smile

Currently the CnC US Zero Hour has
@Starting phase
Tanks etc..

@Promotion Weapons
Air Fuel Drop
A-10 strike
Infantry Paratroops

@Upgrades (Strategy Centre)
Missile Launchers
Particle Beam
Supply Drops


So in this WW2 game, we could have similar sorts of units. For sake of
playability - I changed some of the details.

The British would have
Starting Phase
Matildas - Strong but slow tank and slow to produce
Infantry - same
Spitfires - fast fighter

Promotion Weapons
1. Commandos (Superior infantry)
2. Airborne Troops
3. Naval Bombardment
4. "1000" bomber strike

Engima (see virtually the whole map)
Typhoon (Fighter Bombers)

Starting Phase
Fast but weak tank (similar to humvee power)
B-17 (slow to produce)

Flame throwing tanks
Sherman (fast, powerful but weak tank)
B-29 A-bomb strike: requires airfield and promotion.

General Power Weapon
1. B-29 A-bomb

Strong Infantry
Fast medium tanks
88 howitzers (similar to CnC China's gatling gun but very much slower but
powerful version)

Promotion Weapon
Tigers Slow, strong and powerful (similar to CnC China's Overlord tank
V2 (Similar to CnC China's Nuke but less powerful)

Me210 Jet Fighter. Fast, powerful but requires longer time in airfield once
King Tiger Very slow but powerful

(Very Good strong production)
More but weak infantry
Partisans (similar to Colonel Burton but weaker)
Strong tanks T-34

Promotion Weapon
Joseph Stalin Tank - similar to CnC China Overlord tank - but faster

(Any more ideas? Just toying with the ideas...)

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